Why should I buy a ramp from WA Skate Ramps?


Which size ramp should I buy?

We manufacture and sell a variety of different types of skate ramps in a range of standard sizes. All our ramps are suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels.  Please feel free to browse our products and their relevant product descriptions and information pages on our website, or contact us for further details or assistance.


Is there somewhere I can look at your ramps before I buy?

Yes, if you would like to come and view some of our ramps before buying please get in contact with us to arrange a suitable time to do so.


How many layers of surfacing on your ramps?

All of our ramps come standard with 2 layers of plywood ramp surfacing.


What material is used for the ramps skate surface?

Marine grade plywood with a smooth sanded face is used for the standard skate surface on our ramps.


Where can I find the overall dimensions of a particular ramp?

The overall dimensions of a particular product can be found within that products description.


Payment & Shipping

Which forms of payment do you accept?

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Bank Transfer, Afterpay.


Does WA Skate Ramps Deliver to my Area?

Yes, we ship our products all over Australia and orders are dispatched on a daily basis. If you are located outside Australia please contact us for a shipping price and further delivery information.


How much will shipping costs be to my area?

You can instantly check the shipping price of any of our product/s to your area.  Simply enter your postcode into the shipping calculator located within the product description.  For combined shipping costs for multiple items, add the items to your cart and the total combined shipping costs can be calculated on the cart page prior to checkout.


How long will it take for my ramp to be delivered, after I have placed my order?

All standard orders are dispatched within 1-3 working days. If there will be a delay in dispatching your order for any reason, we will notify you right away.


Will I need to be home when my ramp is delivered?

Yes, someone will need to be present at the specified delivery address on the arranged delivery day to accept the goods.


Does WA Skate Ramps Ship outside of Australia?

Yes, if your shipping address is located outside of Australia, please contact us to place your order.



Installation & Assembly

Will it be easy will it be to assemble my ramp?

Yes! All our ramps are extremely easy to assemble!  We’ve already done all the hard work for you, ensuring every part of your new ramp is perfectly machined and cut to size, pre-drilled and marked out ready for fast hassle free assembly. When your ramp arrives, all you need to do is screw it together with a powered drill.  Each ramp comes with easy to follow printed assembly instructions with step by step photos and diagrams to guide you along the way. We’ve made it so easy, anyone can do it.


How long will it take to assemble my ramp?

Estimated assembly times for each product can be found within the description of each product.  Please note that for larger ramps, assembly will be much easier if you have 2 people working together. Estimated assembly times provided for larger ramps such as Mini Ramps and Half Pipes are typically based on a two people working together at assembly.


Over what type of ground surface can I install my mini ramp?

You can easily install your mini ramp over any relatively flat level surface such as an existing concrete or paved area.  When installing over grass/lawn/dirt we recommend raising the ramp at least 100mm off the ground to allow air flow underneath the ramp by use of some basic footings.  Further information is detailed within the assembly instructions provided with your ramp.


Can WA Skate Ramps Assemble & Install my ramp for me?

Yes, we offer both factory assembly for quarter pipes and smaller mini ramps, as well as on-site delivery & installation services for larger mini ramps, half-pipes and custom built ramps.  Please contact us for further information.


Will I need to paint my ramp?

Yes. Paint your ramp with SkateSeal. All ramps kept/installed outside in the weather must be coated with SkateSeal to provide maximum protection from the elements. We recommend that all ramps even those kept indoors be coated with SkateSeal for a faster ride and better feel under wheel while ensuring maximum durability and longevity of the skate surface.  We also strongly recommend the use of a good quality tarp to cover your ramp during periods of excessively wet weather.


What is SkateSeal?

 Skate-Seal is a premium quality advanced water based coating especially formulated and engineered specifically for use on timber skate ramps.


How long will my ramp last outdoors?

We manufacture all our ramps are using high quality exterior grade materials designed for the australian outdoors, including treated timbers and exterior/marine graded plywood and panel products along with heavy duty galvanised steel and hardware components. The main structure of the ramp should last a lifetime provided that it is ramp is properly assembled/installed and adequately coated with Skate-Seal and maintained according to the assembly instructions and information included. As for the skate surface, when properley cared for we will typically see customers getting up to 2 + years of use before contacting us to order replacement skate surfaces for their ramps.


Can WA Skate Ramps supply new/replacement skate surfaces for my ramp?

Yes, if you would like to order new surfaces for your ramp, please contact us so we can organise this for you.



Custom Skate Ramps

Do you make Custom Ramps and other ramps/sizes/variations other than those on the website?

Yes, we design and manufacture ramps of all shapes and sizes and to suit any space or situation. Whether you’re after a complete custom designed private skate park or plaza, a small private training facility, a custom built mini ramp, half pipe, vert ramp or bowl, or even something as simple as an extension or roll-in added to your existing ramp - we do it all. WA Skate Ramps will provide you with a customised quote with 3D images of the specified design, 100% tailored to suit your exact requirements.  Anything is possible and the only limits are your imagination and project budget.


Is it possible to add another section / add an extension or custom add-on to my existing ramp?

Yes, if you already own one of our ramps and want to make your ramp wider or add an extension, roll-in or any other custom modification WA Skate Ramps make it super easy to extend or add-on to your existing ramp. Whether it’s half-pipe or mini ramp, a quarter-pipe or a previous custom built skate ramp, our superior manufacturing processes and highly skilled staff can ensure that your new add-on or extension will fit seamlessly onto your existing ramp with minimal fuss.  To enquire about adding a custom addition or extension to your existing ramp, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quotation tailored to your requirements.


Skate Ramp Hire

Do you have Skate Ramps available to hire?

Yes, we have a range of ramps available to hire for events. Our hire ramps include several mini ramps/half-pipes plus a range pop-up skate park components including quarterpipes, banks, spines, grind-boxes, manual pads, rails other skate-able obstacles.  Please see our skate ramp hire page for more information.


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