At WA Skate Ramps, we produce a variety of high-quality ramps and obstacles, available in several standard sizes and options. All products are designed & manufactured at the WA Skate Ramps factory then packaged & shipped to customers throughout Australia and beyond.

Our range includes:

Mini Ramps / Half Pipes

Built for skateboarding our mini ramps are great for progression and endless fun. Available in various sizes and options to suit both indoor and outdoor situations. these ramps are ideal for outdoor backyard setups, sheds & garages, or man caves. Constructed with premium materials for durability & performance our flat-pack Mini Ramp kits are easy to assemble & suitable for almost any space.

Quarter Pipes

Quarter Pipes are a must-have for any skater looking to practice tricks on transition. These ramps are built to withstand just about all the tricks you can throw at them. Available in a range of sizes, our Quarter Pipes are suitable for almost any space and provide endless fun on the board.

Bumps & Jumps

Elevate your skate sessions with our range of bumps and jumps. Portable and easy to set up, these ramps are designed to add variety and excitement to your setup, allowing you to practice and perfect all your tricks. 

Boxes & Ledges

Ideal for street skaters, our grind boxes and skate ledges are perfect for practicing grinds, slides, and technical tricks. Built with high-quality materials, these obstacles are designed to stay stable & solid as you skateboarding progresses. Choose from a range of sizes to fit your space and skill level.


Protect your timber skateboard ramps with our specially designed SkateSeal ramp paint. This product is formulated to extend the life of your ramps by providing a protective coating that withstands the elements and heavy use.