Do It the Right Way & Protect Your Ramp with SkateSeal

SkateSeal is a premium quality protective coating specifically formulated for timber skate ramps.

 SkateSeal was developed for skateboarding with just the perfect amount of grip & slip.

SkateSeal provides a hard & fast surface with awesome feel under wheel & will protects your ramp from the elements.

SkateSeal is more than just a surface coating

SkateSeal penetrates below the surface to bond with the structure of the timber.

SkateSeal forms a completely water resistant layer that's extremely tough & hardwearing while remaining flexible & capable of handling the constant abuse of skateboard traffic.


SkateSeal water resistant protective paint coating for skateboard ramps

SkateSeal - Natural Finish (4 Litres)
SkateSeal - Natural Finish (10 Litres)

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