We recently received a request by our new friends from Skate Innovation for a 2 ft Mini Ramp Kit for them & their super keen kids.

Stoked at the opportunity, we got to wo...

Winter's here again!

The days have getting shorter and colder and the wet weather has arrived. 

Now's the time when a little love goes a long way in keeping your ramp protected from the worst winter weather. 


The crew from Perth based skate brand Stamps Collective dropped by to take shelter from the rain

Check out local Heavy Hitters Phillip Marshall, Rowan White, Tyson May & Justin Loyd casu...

Bam Bench Skateboard Bench
Bump To Jump - Skateboard Jump Ramp
Manual Pad / Skate Grind Box
Up Ledge Skate Ledge / Skateboard Grind-box
Up Ledge Double Set - Set Of 2 X Skate Ledges /Grind-boxes
Skate Fun-Box Set / Kicker Ramp + Grindbox + Wedge Ramp Set