We've been keeping a dark secret....

Date Posted:5 April 2019 

We’ve been keeping dark secret, but it’s time to come clean and spill the beans...

Following more than two years of continuous trialing, testing and development, WA Skate Ramps are extremely excited to let the cat out of the bag and announce the arrival of our brand new super heavy duty all weather composite skate surface.

Introducing “ BLACK ” ... The extreme outdoor all weather skate surface that’s raising the bar to set a new standard for outdoor skate ramps.

"Black" All Weather Waterproof Skate Ramp Surface

What is Black?  

Black is an incredibly durable weather proof composite skate surface material, that’s now available as an option on all of our ramps.

Black  is 100% Water-proof and UV resistant making it ideally suitable and highly recommended for all outdoor ramps, especially those fully exposed to weather and the elements.

Black is an extremely strong and long lasting skate surface. It is 100% weatherproof, and proven to stand up against the harshest weather that nature can throw at it! From the searing summer sun, through to relentless wet stormy winters, frost, ice and even snow.

Black requires ZERO maintenance and unlike plywood will never rot, rust, swell or splinter over time, and you won’t ever need to cover your ramp with a tarp!  Black is basically indestructible!  

Black’s super solid composition and high impact resistance provides a harder, faster riding surface that feels great to skate, and is proven capable of handling the constant punishment of skateboard use and abuse. 

Black is also quiet to ride on and produces noticeably less noise than plywood ramp surfaces.

Black is a 100% waterproof composite skate surface ideal for outdoor skate ramps

Benefits of BLACK: 

So, if you’ve been considering investing in the outdoor mini ramp that you always dreamed about, or if your beloved backyard mini ramp's surface has seen better days and you want to make it skate like brand new, then do yourself a favour and contact us now opt for Black extreme outdoor all weather Skate Surface!

Once you skate black, you’ll never go back!

3 ft Mini Ramp with Black All Weather Skate Surfaces - WA Skate Ramps


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